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acac's Mission: To provide a great fitness experience for members of all ages in a clean and safe environment. We are dedicated to the integration of medicine and fitness to improve community health by focusing on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of lifestyle-related disease.

Founded by Phil Wendel in 1984, acac Fitness & Wellness Centers have become the gold standard for health and wellness facilities. With locations in West Chester (PA), Charlottesville (VA), and Richmond (VA), acac members and guests have a full spectrum of programs, services, and equipment at their fingertips. acac is committed to serving people of all ages and fitness levels, acac offers extensive children’s facilities, diverse adult programming, and medically-based health and wellness services.


acac is committed to providing ample space, high-quality equipment, and the best services and programs for its members. Therefore, acac invests heavily in improvements and new construction each year in all of its locations. 

Enjoy all the programs and amenities acac has to offer:

·         Indoor Track

·         Treadmills with Individual TV Screens

·         Hundreds of Cardio Machines

·         Modern Strength Equipment

·         Spacious Free Weight Area

·         Stretching Space and Machines

·         Outdoor Waterpark

·         Special Children’s Wing

·         Trackside Café

·         Senior Programs

·         Pilates and Yoga

·         Warm Therapy Pool

·         Large Indoor Pool

·         Group Exercise Classes

·         Personal Training

·         Nutrition and Weight Loss Services

·         Gymnasium and Basketball Courts

·         Day Spa